If you Eat This You are a Mosquito Magnet!

July 1, 2016

Every one of us has a friend who scratches because of a mosquito bite every time you go for a walk. Maybe it is you that do this constantly. Science can explain why this happens.

If you Eat This You are a Mosquito Magnet!

These little bloodsuckers can ruin the dinner to everyone. If you ever thought why someone has only three bites and others end up like a special feast for mosquitoes, the answer is simple and painful as well.

Mosquitoes bite the people with the A+ blood type twice as much as the other blood types. The least favorite blood taste is the B blood type.

You cannot change the blood type, but you can change your diet.

When you take burger patty and place cream or sour cream on top of it, you are giving a signal to every mosquito around you that you are a warmed dinner for them.

Beside the sweat, on your skin there is milk acid that secretes after eating dairy products, and mosquitoes can feel it since this is a special dessert.

You should pay more attention on full fat cheese, soy or yogurt and avoid them since you will scratch until it hurts.

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