Eat This Time of the Day and You will Never get Fat!

July 1, 2016

Even the chocolate cannot make you over weighted if you eat in the right time. Trust me on this one since it is possible! From now on eat everything you like and enjoy the meal!

Eat This Time of the Day and You will Never get Fat!

You should eat dark chocolate for breakfast, because this is the time when our body gets the necessary antioxidants which serve as an age reducer and are good for the heart health as well. However, you should never eat it as a snack because it will turn into the unwanted fat.

Eat meat only as your lunch meal. The red meat is an excellent choice for this time of the year, because you will feel healthy and energized.

You should not eat meat for dinner due to the fact that it needs five hours to digest.

We all love pasta, but we must be careful and consume it for breakfast because their fiber help in removing the toxins out of our body and decrease the risk of diabetes.

This dish is not recommended for a dinner since it can cause bloating and fat.

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