Effective Way to Get Rid of White Fat Around The Abdomen

June 25, 2016

We all have fat cell in our body and it is found in every part of it, but the most affected area is the abdomen.

Effective Way to Get Rid of White Fat Around The AbdomenIf the white fat gathers for long time in one place, it can create flab which is loosen, can stretch the skin and in this way demolishes the body figure and it can increase the risk of heart diseases.

As stated in the recent research, the volume of the waist reveals how healthy a person is, one’s health risks and how long the person will live. Most of the people are aware of their figure and know if they have excess fat layers.

The deposition of fat is different on women and men since various parts of body are affected. Women have fat deposits on the buttocks and thighs, whereas men usually accumulate fat in the belly area.

You should start a wight loss program in order to lose the extra weight gathered from a bad diet. The balanced diet with healthy products, as well as physical exercises are not only for weight loss but also for a healthy body.

The combination of restricted and healthy diet and well performed exercise can burn fat and it is very effective as well.

The fatty tissue between the muscles and skin is not stimulated by the abdominal exercises. Strengthening and toning the belly muscles is under the surface of fat which can be targeted by an effective way.

If you want to melt the excess fat, read more to find out the exercises and the efficient drink. Consume the drink as advised, every morning on empty stomach and before you sleep in the evening.

You must use it regularly, in order to have the desired look. If you consume it, the drink will prevent the appearance of new fat.

It is recommended to prepare it at night, because the results are better.

Boil some water and add half a teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon. Cover it and wait for 30 minutes then add the honey and start stirring. You should drink it before going to bed and let it rest for the morning since you will drink it in the morning too.

There is no need of drinking it throughout the day, since the morning and evening dose can acts efficiently. The results from consuming this drink are visible and beneficial for everyone.

If you want to fasten the process of melting add some ginger. This root has antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-parasite properties therefore, it can clean your body from all free radicals. It is very good at speeding the metabolism and can remove the fatty deposits very quickly.

We will recommend some cardio exercises for better results. For burning more calories, you need to do highly intensive cardio which will help you with the melting fat process.

Try some of the cardio exercises listed below for burning fatty excess:

One Leg Jackknife Crunch: While in horizontal position, place your arms and legs up over your body and make the crunch with the hips and shoulders against each other. Do this exercise with one leg at a time and then repeat with the other.

Frog Leg Crunch: Lay down and raise your feet up together with the shoulders and crunch. While raising the legs and hips up, stretch your arms down between them and move the shoulders towards the legs.

Alternating Side Plank Toe Touch Kick: Do the side plank and roll down from right to left. Change back and forth in every repetition and make sure your posture is straight.

Seated Torso Circles: Sit with your back straight and draw circles over the tail bone. In this way you strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Double Bird Dog Pull: Begin with your hand and knees on the ground. In this position raise right hand and left leg making sure they are parallel to the ground. Make a crunch by putting the hand and the leg under the body, then stretch back and release the leg and the arm.

Do the same thing but with the different hand and leg.

Source: healthyfoodhouse

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