Eliminate Varicose Veins Forever with This Simple Ingredient

January 18, 2017

The varices can cause a lot of problems especially for a woman. These manifest as elongated marks that are mostly located at the legs but can happen to other places too and they have a very bad aesthetics effect.

Sometimes in certain situations we just have to walk around with the unsightly varicose veins uncovered. That is why most women look for many solutions for varicose veins.

The risk factors and causes fort his affliction are in some cases genetics, hormonal imbalance due to estrogen and birth control pills. Obesity is also one risk factor and prolonger hours of standing. The most common and obvious factor is the age.

The treatment for varicose veins differ depending on the symptoms. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain you may need treatment but if the situation is not so serious it is best to leave them be or just treat them with something less invasive and natural.

One very amazing and natural solution is the olive oil. You will need only high quality olive oil to make sure that you treat them and make the varicose veins never appear again.

Follow the instructions:

  • Exfoliate the skin on the afflicted area with a sugar scrub or coffee grains and sea salt.
  • Heat a little bit of olive oil in a suitable container.
  • When the oil is slightly heated apply some on your hands and gently massage the afflicted and exfoliated area.
  • Massage in soft and circular motion.

This will help you deflate the legs and greatly improve the blood circulation thus reducing and treating varicose veins. The olive oil only adds some more benefits and helps you massage better. You should treat both legs and make sure that the olive oi is warm, not hot because the warm temperature can help the oil infiltrate through the skin and treat it thoroughly.

Source: homeremedieshouse

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