Every Time I Was In Her House It Smelled Amazing, But I Had No Idea Why. Then She Showed Me This Trick

May 25, 2016

It is of common agreement that a clean, fresh and good-smelling home, is all we desire after working all day. In order to keep our home in a flawless condition, number of women fell for the commercialized deodorizers and cleaners such as scented candles and air-fresheners.

Every Time I Was In Her House It Smelled Amazing, But I Had No Idea Why. Then She Showed Me This TrickYet, these scented products are full with severe chemicals which can be very harmful for the respiratory system. It is scientifically proved that if you inhale the scents from this products the consequences are respiratory issues, headaches and dizziness.

Although the store-bought products have great range of scents, it is recommended to use an alternative such as naturally made ones since we all want fresh smell in our house.

For an homemade air-freshener you will need:


  • an empty candle container
  • a screwdriver
  • a mason jar with a tin lid
  • one fork
  • hammer
  • some essential oil
  • baking soda


Task 1. To start the process first, clean the candle container with hot water and soap, so that the layers of the candle fall down.

Task 2. Next, fill approximately quarter of the jar with baking soda, and pour several drops (eight or ten) of your favorite essential oil inside. Use the fork to mix the ingredients making blended mixture. As an alternative, use a tea candle for the middle part. You can refresh your bathroom or bedroom with this natural freshener.

Another way for doing the freshener is to tight the top of the jar and make holes in a shape of diamond on the lid using the hammer and screwdriver. Then, do the same as in the task 1 and 2.

Because of the tightened jar the air will go slowly and can release the scent in every room you want.

Watch the video below, for more detailed explanation for creating cheap, simple and fast air freshener.

Source: dayofhealthy

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