Everything in nature is connected!

October 26, 2014



Have you noticed how the walnut in his shape and overall appearance resembles to a human brain, while beans looks like kidneys? See this several surprising connections to nature and the human body …

Everything in nature is connected!

Tomato has four chambers and is red – just like the heart. Research shows that tomatoes are rich in potassium and iron and is a great food for the heart and bloodstream.

nature Walnut looks like the brain and has left and right hemisphere, even the folds in the walnut looks like brain folds. It is generally known that nuts creates neural transmitters of the brain function.

nature Celery, and related vegetables resemble like bones and they are known for strengthening of bones in the body. Bones contain 23% sodium, as these vegetables. If you do not get enough sodium diet, then your body uses sodium from the bones, and thus weakens them.

nature Avocados and pears affect the health and function of the uterus and uterus looks just like these fruits! If a woman consumes one avocado a week, her hormones stabilize and that prevents the risk of cancer of the uterus and ovaries. It is interesting that the avocado needs just nine months to grow from flower to fruit!


Sweet potato looks like the pancreas and affects the blood sugar balance.

nature Cutted carrot resembles the human eye. Pupil and iris and other shapes of cutted carrot really resemble the eye. And science has proven that carrots increases blood flow and improves the function of the eyes.

nature Oranges, grapefruit and other types of citrus fruit resembling a woman’s breasts and it helps in better circulation of lymph and thus prevents breast cancer.

nature Ginger resembles like the stomach, and it is known that ginger relieves flatulence and stomach trouble. Ginger contains special enzymes responsible for the catalysis of proteins in food, and this helps prevent cramps, ulcer in the damaged mucosa of the stomach, and is also used to treat diseases such as diarrhea and dyspepsia.

nature Mushrooms cut in half to resemble the shape of the human ear. Mushrooms improve hearing and they are one of the few products that contain vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for healthy bones, even the tiny ones found in the ear that transmit sound signals to the brain.

nature The onion is similar to human cells. The onion helps in rejecting poison from the body. When cutting onions, people cry, and when it tears they wash away the outer part of the eye. Garlic has similar properties as onions, and helps in rejecting the toxins and dangerous free radicals from the body.

nature Olives assist the proper functioning of the ovaries and their health. Figs are filled with seeds that increases the number and motility of spermatozoa and preventing infertility in men. Beans helps in proper functioning of the kidney, and it looks like a kidney.


P K Singh - May 6, 2015

Wow….How nature linked with human body.

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