Exercise Lowers Risk for These 13 Types of Cancer

May 19, 2016

A new study found that exercise can reduce the risk of many types of cancer significantly. According to the National Cancer Institute, a higher level of specific exercises can reduce overall cancer risk by 7%.

Exercise Lowers Risk for These 13 Types of CancerPeople who exercise regularly can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 27% and also the risk of esophageal cancer by 42%. The study has been done for 11 years and it involved 1.4 million people.

People who exercise are able to:

-lower risk of colon cancer 16 percent
-lower risk of lung cancer 26 percent
-lower risk of myeloid leukemia 20 percent
-lower risk of kidney cancer 23 percent
-lower risk of rectal cancer 13 percent
-lower risk of bladder cancer 13 percent
-lower risk of breast cancer 10 percent
-lower risk of myeloma 17 percent
-lower risk of stomach cancer 22 percent
-lower risk of cancers of the head and neck 15 percent
-lower risk of endometrial cancer 21 percent

Some vigorous exercises such as running and swimming are strongly advised to reduce overall cancer risk. Steven Moore, one of the researchers of the National Cancer Institute, stated that certain exercises can help prevent obesity as a risk factor for cancer.

In fact, some exercises can reduce the level of certain hormones, such as estrogen. To note, excessive estrogen can trigger breast cancer and endometrial cancer. With the decline of estrogen the body will be able to regulate insulin better so as to minimize the risk of inflammation.

Some sports should be equipped with protection, such as outdoor gymnastics. You need to use sunscreen to reduce the risk of melanoma. However there is an anomaly because the researchers found that men who exercise regularly actually have higher rates of prostate cancer.

Source: today.com

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