3 Effective Home Remedies for Eye Infection Treatment

July 24, 2015

Many different conditions of the eye including conjunctivitis, itching, watery eyes, dry eyes, pink eyes, swollen eyes etc can be generalized as eye infections. Microorganisms, dust, pollution or pollen entering the eye are the primary causes of these infections.

Eye Infection Treatment

They are contagious, spread easily and over a period of time lead to serious eye problems like blurry vision, damaged cornea or retina etc., causing color blindness, or in extreme cases affecting the optical nerve and leading to complete blindness.

Fret not as there are certain simple home remedies that can work wonders in treating most of these infections.

The most common items available in your kitchen can go a long way in helping you cure eye infection.

Applying these remedies early, when the first symptoms of the infection start occurring, can help prevent or reduce the infection to a great degree.

We found this great video that lists down 3 simple DIY remedies which can help you in dealing with eye infection at home.

Here’s a quick overview of the three home remedies, which have been explained step by step in the video.

Honey and warm water

Honey in its pasteurized and unpasteurized state possess antibacterial and antibiotic properties and can be used to treat your eye infection.

To two cups of boiling water, add two to three tablespoon of honey and stir well until dissolved. Let the mixture cool down for some time and use it to wash the eyes several times a day. It helps reduce the redness or eyes or itching as honey soothes the area and promotes better healing. Honey can also be used directly. Alternately, honey can also be mixed with boiled, warm milk and dropped into the eyes using a sterilized dropper to effectively cure conjunctivitis.

Flax seeds and warm water

Flax seeds have rich omega-3 fatty acids that possess the ability to build body’s immunity against infection and reduce free radicals content in the body. To a small cup of boiled warm water, add two teaspoons of flax seeds and let the mixture stay for fifteen to twenty minutes. Afterwards, strain the seeds and transfer them to a clean and soft wash cloth or cheese cloth and press it to your eyes. Repeat this two to three times a day until you see a visual reduction in the symptoms. Flax seeds are great in reducing eye pain and eye inflammation.

Baking Soda and cold water

A table spoon of baking soda dissolved in a cup of cold water can be used as an eyewash. Use this water to wash your eyes three to four times a day to soothe the infection, reduce swelling and effectively reduce pink eyes.

Medical Disclaimer: These remedies are not intended to substitute professional medical advice. The information contained herein is for information purposes only. In case the symptoms persist, make sure you see a doctor immediately.

Author: Khyati Sehgal ( Stylecraze)

EyeSoothe - October 10, 2017

Eye infections are common eye problems that can be caused by either viruses or bacteria and include irritation, redness, and discharge. These home remedies work perfectly to treat eye infections. Thanks for sharing.

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