Face Maske for Acne Scar, Stain and Wrinkle Removal

December 8, 2015

If you want to make a mixture from nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon juice and honey then you will be get miracle. This mixture is very powerful and incredible remedy to help people remove any acne scar, wrinkle and stain effectively.

Face Masker for Acne Scar, Stain and Wrinkle Removal

Every ingredient is specific property and combined from mask that can fight acne, scar, wrinkle and stain well. It is the most efficient and effective natural remedy for face mask that can lighten acne, scar and stain completely.


–  Half tsp of cinnamon

–  Half tsp of nutmeg

–  One tsp of honey

–  One tsp of fresh lemon juice


–  Add all ingredient together and make form as paste

–  Apply the mixture to the face. It is recommended to avoid eyes and mouth area.

–  Leave for thirty minutes or ten minutes if you can’t stand for burning sensation

–  Tingling for five minutes and disappear

–  Flush your mask with warm water

–  Apply a cream as usual

–  Be careful when starting this remedy. It is healthy but it also can result unwanted side effect

–  Add some honey to mixture if you have problem with sensitive skin, omit lemon and dilute.

–  It is recommended to not use this mask for exfoliate skin and for people who suffer from rosacea, vascular skin and telangiextasias diseases.

–  You can use green or white clay to substitute of honey

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