FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contaminated by the Dangerous Arsenic!

March 12, 2016

Reported by the Associated Press, the FDA concluded that the chickens were given drugs contain inorganic arsenic.

After years of covering problems, the FDA recognizes the fact that the majority of chicken meat circulating in the United States contaminated with arsenic, a toxic chemical compound that can support cancer if it accumulates in high doses. The surprising thing is arsenic is added on purpose!
FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contaminated by the Dangerous Arsenic!

The FDA estimates that not less than 70 per cent of chicken meats in the United States contain arsenic. Arsenic is added with the aim to accelerate weight gain and create a more attractive appearance.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded that half of the chicken meats undergo testing process containing arsenic in their liver. Based on this fact, the FDA asked Pfizer to halt production of Roxarsone; drug was added to the chicken feed. Roxarsone is an arsenic-based drug!

The Wall Street Journal says that according to a recent study to 100 broiler chickens, 3-Nitro is the largest contributor to arsenic. Strangely, the FDA continues to emphasize that the chicken in the US are safe to eat. They argued that arsenic is still in a safe level.

One fact is indisputable, arsenic is highly toxic and cause of many types of cancer. University of South Carolina’s Department of Environmental Health Sciences warned that arsenic is responsible for neurological effects in fetuses and children. They said also that arsenic is more dangerous than mercury four times and 60 times more toxic than pentavalent As 5.

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that consumption of large amounts of arsenic will create cellular changes that favor cancer. Supply of arsenic is also reported to be capable of causing Bowen’s disease, a type of carcinoma cell. Bowen’s disease is closely linked with liver cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, and bladder cancer.


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