Fear and Anxiety:What May Be Triggering It?

January 28, 2016

The core stabilizing muscle, known as the psoas (pronounced “so-as”)is located by the hip bones. It runs from the legs to the spine, and is the only muscle in the legs that is connected to the spinal column.

Fear and Anxiety What May Be Triggering It

It attaches to the top of the hip bone.  It is responsible for mobility, flexibility, joint function, structural balance and more.  It helps to not only keep the body upright but to also move.  Danielle Olson, film maker, believes this is the muscle of the soul.

Research has shown that this muscle is essential to our well being as human beings.  Author of “The Psoas Book”, Liz Koch says that our psoas “literally embodies our deepest urge for survival, and more profoundly, our elemental desire to flourish”.  So one can easily receive healing energy and improve the mental health just by keeping the psoas healthy.

The psoas is also connected to the diaphragm. This is often where fear and anxiety is manifested.  Koch feels that there is a “reptilian connection” here.  As there is a direct connection between the psoas and the ancient part of our brain stem and spinal cord.  This area is referred to as the reptilian brain.

Koch notes that from the time of birth, the psoas muscles are often stressed.  This is known as “fight or flight”.  This chronic stress can cause many issues for individuals, including hip, back and knee pain.

Many people may also find they are suffering from chronic pain.

The psoas also effects other elements of life, such as how one feels, how they perceive life, and even how they treat others.  The emotional state is often effected as well.  Relationships can often become impacted, and there may be a resentment for life.  Giving this muscle the awareness that it deserves is a crucial step for not only physical but emotional health.    Koch has said, “Whether you suffer from sore back or anxiety, from knee strain or exhaustion, there’s a good chance that a constricted psoas might be contributing to your woes.

Those that have a constricted psoas may have more fear.  Physical and emotional tension can be reduced by restoring balance to the psoas muscle.  Inner peace will typically be felt once this is released.  There will also be fewer muscle aches and strains.  This will also leave the body with more energy, as the body will be able to fully support itself better.

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