The Best First Aid For A Jellyfish Sting

July 28, 2015

Swimming in the sea or ocean can be a fun experience, but can easily be ruined by getting stung by a jellyfish.

However, there is a simple remedy for this.  Jellyfish are often found during the summer months where swimmers are.

The Best First Aid For A Jellyfish Sting

Once they sting, it can be pretty painful.  The pain is similar to that of a burn as the jellyfish rays are poison.

-Do note that if you are stung by a jellyfish, it is important to remain calm and collected.

-Get out of the water, taking caution not to rub the area, as this will rub the poison further into the skin.

-Wash the area that has been stung with sea water to wash off the rays of the jellyfish.

-Do not use plain water.

-Never remove the rays with bare hands and never rub with a cloth further into the skin.

-To soothe the blisters, you should apply plain vinegar to the area.

Lemon juice can also be applied.

-If these ingredients are not easily available, urinating on the area will also have the same effect.  This is a very uncomfortable procedure to do, but the results are worth the embarrassment.

-Never put alcohol on the area either as it will only make the sting worse.

An alternative solution is to place ice cubes in a cloth on the area that has been stung as this will reduce the swelling. Rinsing with a saline wash will also help as this will reduce stinging and swelling.

At the pharmacy, you should also purchase a cream that contains analgesic.  If the symptoms do not go away after a few hours, or if you are allergic to the sting, it is very important to receive medical treatment as soon as possible.

Others have experienced relief by using a thin layer of honey then covering with gaze to be effective.

One person stated that cilantro oil helped greatly, while one man washed the area repeatedly with detergent.


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