Five Home Remedies to Kill Underarm Odor

November 11, 2015

It is important to know that body odor is great toxic smell by putrefaction and fermentation processes in human body when people eat animal products refine foods, processed. Contrary to body odor, popular belief come from sweat because is odorless.

Five Home Remedies to Kill Underarm Odor

There is one bacteria in human armpit, near hair follicle and groin area. When this bacteria contact with sweat by release of chemical and glands that cause body odors.  The human body do not stink naturally and bacteria will live in human body and only react with feed.

The smell from armpit will not be offensive with excess minerals and healthy waste metabolic product. However, it can stink if human body  was sweating toxic by its product and come from eating refined foods, processed foods and meat.

Body odor is various from one person to another and some type of smell can indicate certain human health problems. If the sweat smell look like bleach, then people should be suffer from liver and kidney diseases. Diabetic always get fruit body odor. A person with trimethylaminuria often get generic condition and produce fish like body odor. Gender is also play in estimating body odor.

One study conducted in Geneva and Switzerland found that human body odor is resemble the smell by onion and because it contain of high sulfur level which react with bacteria and feed on sweat. Men sweat often contain high fatty acid level and react with bacteria from underarm to result cheesy smell. From medical concern, body odor is psychological and social problem. Body odor is detected by other setting look like job interview, romantic date and casual conversation with your friends. The excessive sweating is also be seen though wet spot.

What will you do to get rid this embarrassing situation?

By using anti perspirant can increase risk of Alzheimer diseases. Dr. Joseph Mercola said. Anti perspirant is common aluminum resources and absorbed by human body, and wreak havoc in human brain. It is important to avoid them unless human get free aluminum anti perspirant and deodorant naturally. Anti bacteria soap is great idea but people should be better off with this soap regularly. Anti bacterial soap can remove and kill bacteria, but triclosan as active ingredient in this soap can kill human cells. Compared with others, body odor do not life threatening and ego damaged.

Here are some natural remedies to kill body odor, as follows:

– Changing diet. It is important to avoid eating red meat which contribute to human body odor as well as fiber lacking and hydrogenated oil, refined white flour and sugar. Adding plant into diet can help people to perform internal deodorization. It is time to try eat more leafy, vegetables, green, fresh fruits and sprouts. Herbs and mints such as; oregano, parsley, rosemary, celery, cilantro and licorise is also useful.

– Using baking soda. It is advisable to add pour baking soda before showering and close or step into your shower. After stepping in the shower, let the water briefly into your hand and applies for moist baking soda to your armpit. After rinse your armpit, you can start and process shower regularly.

– Consume probiotics and chlorella supplements. The chlorella can kill odor and freshen human reath while pro-biotic support your oral health.

–  Appies original coconut on your own skin. This lauric acid is natural anti bacterial

–  Replacing deodorant with lemon juice. It is time to try and taste this acidity and help to stop microorganism growth on underarms. Id the juice is acid and skin can suffer burn, welts and increase redness. If this condition happened, you should wait for couple days to try again.

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