How to deal with flu and other infections at older age.

November 1, 2013

Stop the Flu with these easy steps.

Wherever you go in an effort to complete your daily duties , you will find yourself in the company of those who sneeze and cough and that the likely spread infections , flu , colds … Avoiding people and situations is the safest defense against seasonal diseases.But you’re not always able to do that.

So boosting you’re immunity is the primary defense against infections , especially in later years, because then , you’re body weakens , and also the immune system weakens . Therefore we allotted a plan depending on the age that would provide optimal protection of your body .

flu age 30+


This age usually means fast life. Building you’re career , creating and caring for the family , still an active social life. It means quick meals , additional intake of sugars to increase energy .A bit turbulent nights atleast through the weekend . Consequently , the immune system suffers .

Tip: Reduce your intake of sugar and alcohol and do not waste you’re physical energy in vain.

Dr. Mark Mojad , of the University of Michigan , explains that sugar which is in a cup of soda , can adversely affect the immune system and reduce its function as much as 30 %, in the next 3 hours . Also , regular alcohol intake , does the same. It reduces the ability of the cells that fight bacteria and viruses .

Therefore , lower your intake of alcohol.Replace ordinary sugar with organic carbohydrates. Start the day with cereal , take more probiotics , bacteria that help us , which is found in yogurt .

Workout , it is very important, but don’t exhaust you’re body. Be physically active in order to accelerate blood circulation and the immune cells will circulate constantly and they will be ready for defense. But for every process that occurs, body need’s cellular energy , and with physical exhaustion these cells would not be able to play their role . In this age recommended workouts are hiking , yoga , aerobics etc .

flu age 40+


In most cases , this is the age where the pace of life slows down a bit . So it’s the perfect time to follow our advice.

Tip: Go to bed earlier at night and learn how to relax .

Each additional half hour or one hour good sleep is always welcome . Do not compete with fatigue , you simply rest a bit . Fatigue is just a sign that says that the body needs resting and relaxation.We mentioned about reactions of the slow response of the immune system without energy in it.

Learn new techniques of relaxation . We live in times of chronic stress , which also reduces the immune response. It is very important to try and learn how to fight the stress. Find your appropriate way of relaxing and you will add extra strength in your body .

flu age 50+


In these years , the risk of seasonal diseases is growing very fast. Here are some tips how to boost the immune system if you are in this age .

Tip: Increase your intake of antioxidants. Eat more vegetables and fruits. For example , return the cauliflower to your dinner table. Start your day with a cup of green tea , sweetened with a teaspoon of honey. Take vitamin C in abundance from fruits and vegetables.

Follow your dreams.

Following your dreams and doing what you realy want to do its like a dose of luck that reduces stress and leaves the body in a condition to work flawlessly,therefore the immunity will be boosted.It has been proven that people who are working what they really want, are much happier and also living longer. If you have family already in this age , your children are adults who walk alone in life ,let them realize their dreams . You can now go back to yourselves and revitalize your body and mind .Dedicate time for yourself , fulfill your dreams.

flu age60+

Back in the game

Now when you are in a age where children are out of home and live apart from you and you are alone with your partner, use it, find a method to restore your intercourse as part of the normal physiological needs of the body and as a reason to get closer with your partner. Scientific study has shown that those who make love once or twice a week , have increased IgA ( immunoglobulin A ) in saliva and mucous membranes . This immunoglobulin has an initial role in protecting the body from attacking seasonal viruses . It is unclear exactly how this interesting act affects the immune system.But it is proven that it has effects , after all , so is not so important to know how,just Enjoy and stay Healthy.

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