Is Fluoride Safe

August 7, 2014

NOTORIOUS FLUORIDE – a deadly poison that we daily put in your mouth!

Fluoride was used by Nazis and Stalinists who put it into the inmates water to be passive and indifferent to everything. Today, for the same reasons its in toothpaste and water supply.

Fluoride is the main chemical agent for making mental slaves (obedient citizens).


Fluoride is one of the most poisonous substances known to man. More toxic than lead, only slightly less toxic than arsenic. It is used as a pesticide for mice, rats and other small rodents.

A child of 20 pounds weight can be killed with one-hundredth of ounces, and adult of 180 pounds can be killed from a dose of one-tenth ounce. “(One ounce is about 28.3 grams.)

Fluoride So 7 ounces of toothpaste contains 199 mg fluoride, which is more than enough to kill a child of 50 pounds.
However, this chemical element is found in nearly every toothpaste, which we bring in your mouth at least twice a day, washing teeth or rinsing the mouth with popular dental mouthwash. Fluoride and its compounds cause inflammation and intractable wounds on the skin and mucous membranes, especially in the eyes and respiratory organs.

At low concentrations of vapors of fluoride and some of its compounds, injuries occur a few hours after exposure with no previous symptoms, so when working with them, it is necessary to use protective clothing. Fluoride is found in bottled water, vitamin supplements and foods for infants.

Fluoride Fluoride compounds are deliberately added to water supplies in many areas in the United States, referred to as the process of fluoridation. In Europe there are countries that add fluoride to the water, though most countries to refuse, but regardless of that, try to find atleast one toothpaste that it does not contain flouride.

Very difficult. On the other side of flouride it has never been shown that significantly helps to protect teeth from developing cavities.


Poisoning by fluorine seriously harms the human body and can be fatal to humans, because these deadly chemicals creates a toxic condition in the body that causes harmful effects. Recently, Harvard University recognized that fluoride dangerously reduces human IQ. In China was found that the amount of water enriched with fluorine correlated with reduced IQ in children.

Scientific facts about the biological effects of fluoride:

1. Fluoride disrupts the synthesis of collagen, which leads to the breakdown of bones, tendons, muscles, skin, cartilage, lungs and kidneys.
2. Fluoride stimulates granule formation and oxygen consumption in white blood cells, but inhibit this process when the white blood are cells exposed to a foreign substance in the blood.

3. Fluoride depletes the energy reserves and the ability of white blood cells that destroy foreign agents by the process of phagocytosis. Even micro-molar amounts of fluoride, below 1 ppm (1 st part per million parts) can severely suppress the ability of white blood cells to destroy pathogenic micro-organisms.
4. Fluoride confuses the immune defense system and encourages it to attack the body’s own tissues, and increases the growth of tumors in people who are susceptible to cancer.
5. Fluoride inhibits the creation of antibodys in blood.
6. Fluoride dirupts the work of thyroid gland.
7. Fluoride has harmful effects on various tissues in the body.
Fluoride 8. Fluoride promotes development of bone cancer.
9. Fluoride causes premature aging.

10. Intake of fluoride through mouth rinses and dentifrices for children is extremely hazardous for their biological development, life expectancy and general health status.

With all this info and current studies which clearly demonstrate the harmful effects of fluoride, many companies that produce bottled and dental products, are injecting poison into their products.

Fluoride To make matters even worse, propaganda messages for years terrorized us that fluoride is useful and healthy precisely for those things in the human body and not the other way. When it comes to toxic chemicals, various groups with interest traditionally do their best to invalidates the research of independent scientists, and to reject the evidence.

To minimize the poisoning with fluoride, start producing your own cosmetics.

Make your own toothpaste:

1) A teaspoon of baking soda, a drop of essential oil (mint, sage, etc..), little water.

Add a little salt to teaspoon of baking soda and put essential oil. Add a little water to form a creamy mass and simply continue to operate as an ordinary toothpaste.

2) Tablespoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of minced mint (powder), 2 tablespoons of distilled water, a few drops of essential oil of mint

Mix dry ingredients and then add the oil and water. Keep it in a closed, dark container.

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