Forget Dyes! 3 Ways To Banish Your Gray Hair Naturally

March 24, 2016

Gray hair is main sign of aging. Hair coloring industry is one of the biggest beauty industries that today even the industry has targeted young people or even children. The gray hair is caused by lack of melanin.

Forget Dyes! 3 Ways To Banish Your Gray Hair Naturally

Today you can find a wide range of hair care products, but unfortunately they can only cover your hair in a short time and bring some side effects. You should use some natural methods that can work more effectively to dye your hair.


Henna is commonly used in traditional makeup. It is a safe alternative to traditional hair coloring, because it does not contain hydrogen peroxide which is commonly used in synthetic dyes. Henna is semi-permanent. First of all, you need to set up the bricks that are dissolved in water, which will allow you to get some sort of mud pasta. You only need a maximum of 6 hours to dye your hair.

Some beverages affect the hair color and you only need to brew them. Two examples are tea and coffee. They give a dark hue to your hair. You can also drink Kool-Aid if you want to dye your hair more intensively. One thing is for sure, they do not contain hydrogen peroxide which can harm your hair in the long term.

Simple recipe
You can make this traditional recipe. Prepare 200 ml of linseed oil, 4 peeled lemons, 3 garlic, and 1 kg of honey. Mix them and store the mixture in the refrigerator. Consumption of one tablespoon of the mixture twice a day. Do it before breakfast and dinner. This recipe is very effective to cope with gray hair. Avoid synthetic dyes and you should switch to traditional dyes. The advantage of natural dyes is that they will not provide hydrogen peroxide and also will not cause irritation on the surface of your scalp.


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