She Found a Rubber Band on Her Door Handle. The Reason Why It Was There is Terrifying!

May 30, 2016

The most common thing which happens unexpectedly is burglaries or break-ins. In the United States there is one burglary in every fifteen seconds. Only 30% of them are made with the door unlocked or open window, without the need of force.

She Found a Rubber Band on Her Door Handle. The Reason Why It Was There is Terrifying!

People think that if they lock their door and secure every place in their house they are fully protected, but that is not the case. Burglars go beyond limits in order to achieve their imaginary mission. One of the most extraordinary stories with this thematic is told by women in order to raise caution for their tactics on a higher level.

Kim’s Story

A Texas women, Kim Cernigliaro witnessed the entrance the burglaries wanted to make in her home. She heard someone beat rhythmically on the door, while she was sitting all by herself. She decided not to open the door, because of this inner voice telling her something is not right. But, her curiosity prevailed and she peered through her stained glass on the door. What she saw was an unknown men standing in front of the door.

She listened carefully and stand still not moving at all for about 30 minutes, thinking the person will leave. When she was making sure the burglar is gone, she opened the door. Around the doorknob there was an elastic rubber band wrapped, and this was common method according to the local sheriff.

This wrapping to the rubber band was used to allow the burglaries enter the house because it is loosen from the owner while opening the door.

This experience was shared by Kim on Facebook in order to go viral and spread the awareness. It was the post that made people thank Kim for her story. It is of utmost importance to be safe in your own home by thinking what burglary will do next.

We chose some of the most basic tips for your own safety and for your home not to be target of the burglaries.

1. Don’t Let Packages Accumulate

If you leave your mail or rejected items in your outdoor, the burglar will use the information on them. If you are out of the town for several days make sure relatives or neighbors are checking your house taking the newspaper and collect the mail so that the burglar is not aware of your absence.

2. Display Home Security Signs

You should consider buying a security system. They are a little expensive but, you can safe money and invest in one. For now, the alternative is showing the burglar you have some kind of protection on your property by putting signs.

3. Make Sure Your Home has great lightening

If your home is in darkness, there is a high possibility that a burglar sees your home as his next target. There will be no one to see him entering in the house, nor will anyone see him running with everything he took out of your home. If the house has many bright lights on different places around it, then they will think twice before breaking in.

4. Hide Your Valuables

Burglaries first notice your jewelry box so make sure there are no golden or silver stuff inside. Moreover, if you want to hide the valuables, the place must be some king of space you would never use for hiding. This place must not be noticed from the window so be careful with that.

5. Reinforce Your Doors

A broken door or unstable one is a quick invitation for the burglaries to come in your home. Check all your doors and reinforce if needed. In this way you will keep the uninviting “guests” away.

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