Fructus et Bacchae Juniperi

October 9, 2013

Juniperus communis, Latin term for the Juniper plant, is also commonly known as: Fructus et Bacchae Juniperi by medical doctors.

Disclaimer: Pregnant women should not consume Juniper nor should those with unhealthy kidneys.

Facts about Juniper:

  • Grows in the mountainous region of the forest.
  • The shrub’s branches have narrow, sharp, and pointed green leaves.
  • Blooms yellow flowers except during April and May.
  • The female flower grows a berry, which turns a bluish-black color when ripe.
  • In the fall the fruit is harvested, but only after the second year of growth. The fruit is then dried in the sun or by artificial heat.



Healing properties

  • Cleanses and stimulates the body, primarily affecting the respiratory, urinary, and digestive and nervous system.
  • Juniper works its way through the body just as well as antibiotics do, but offers a more natural approach.
  • In the urinary tract there are a variety of inflammatory foci caused by the bacteria Escherichia coli. Juniper works as a urinary antiseptic curing the infection.
  • Urinary Tract infections, most common in women, can be treated by the natural use of Juniper, providing fast and reliable results.
  • The medicinal properties of Juniper are found to be beneficial in all diseases including pathogens bacteria.
  • The Antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Juniper assist in the treatment of inflammation, regardless of it being an internal or external infection
  • The decay of the intestinal flora destroys bacteria, and the bacterium develops fermentation leading to bowel detoxification. This detoxification contributes to the strengthening, refreshing and the growing ability of the body’s defenses against disease

Juniper is effective in the treatment of respiratory infections, chronic bronchitis and catarrh of the lungs, as its quick action leads to the elimination of mucus and phlegm.

CAUTION: Only those with healthy kidneys should consume Juniper and in small amounts. Pregnant women should not consume Juniper!!!



Tea Juniper accelerates metabolism and ability to respond.

Chewing juniper drew berry heals broken stomach,
helps digestion;’s preventive agent against infectious diseases. It is not good to exaggerate in use.
It is recommended to be taken under medical supervision. Although cures rheumatism and pain in the bladder,
juniper fruits should not take people who are suffering in the kidneys. If used (taken) in higher quantities,
causes inflammation in healthy subjects.

In tea form it takes – 2 tablespoons dining on half a liter of water every three hours for a small glass,
and 7 days of each month.

Juniper berry pure junk blood, and if its berries are cooked with equal parts of celery
forcing the body slimy and toxic residues.

Juniper contains invert sugar, essential oil, formic and acetic acid, mucilage, wax and rubber.

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