How to Get Rid Of Blackheads and 5 Other Skin Problems

June 18, 2016

Everyone is tempted to pick, to touch or to speed the process of a pimple or the appearance of other skin problem. In many cases the skin blemishes should be left alone in order to heal by themselves, the experts and dermatologists.

How to Get Rid Of Blackheads and 5 Other Skin Problems

There are more efficient ways of healing a skin problem without using your hands. Here are some of the problems and their healing methods.

Ingrown Hairs

Picking the ingrown hairs is not a solution although they are frustrating. When the stem of the hair is trapped under the skin, the condition is called ingrown hairs and they can be very itchy and can cause red bump which is inflamed. This inflamed bump can become a large infection if the hairs are plucked with force. It can be even more dangerous if the skin breakage is full with staph infectins very bad for your health.

If you squeeze the ingrown hairs they will not only be irritated but it will leave a scar too. Instead of your hands, use the hydrocortisone which will help with reducing the itchiness, redness and irritation. Wash the area and the ingrown hair with a gentle scrub or natural cleaner to exfoliate the skin and let free the hair.

Cold Sores

If you touch the cold sore it can cause spreading. They contain fluid which is circulating quickly and causes more sores on the other parts of the body. Most of the time, they are a result of herpes commonly known for its wide spreading just by one touch.

Using gentle treatments found in every market, you can heal the smeller cold sores. Sometimes, you may need a professional care. In order to stop the spreading on other person, avoid any physical contact until it is healed completely.


These white bumps are very small and cannot be popped, and most of the times are spotted on the face. They develop under the skin and no matter how many times you try to pop them they will remain there because they are hard cysts. While attempting to break free, you will damage the skin around the milia, therefore do not use force.

They usually go away as the time passes, but there is another way to remove them. Go to dermatologist which will take these small trapped skin cells with a heated tool.

Keratosis Pilaris

The buildup of keratin or also called keratosis pilaris is a protein in our nails, skin and hair and protects them from any toxic substances. Layers of keratin are stopping the hair follicle and causes bump. If you try to remove it manually the area will be red and irritated or even leave a scar.

Use an exfoliant which has in its consistency glycolic or salicylic acid to reduce the inflammation and treat this condition in your comfortable place of living.


These are similar to whiteheads but instead they are pores full with oil and when exposed in air they oxidize and become black. You should not risk while trying to pick them since it is not worth it. If you squeeze them with force you will only provide space for another bacteria which will cause greater problems.

Instead of your manual force, try an exfoliating face wash to clean the blemishes. This will wash away the blackheads while in same time cleans the skin surface.

Cystic Acne

These are quite difficult to treat since they are more deeply into the skin and cause a painful, red blemish. Treating the cystic acne with force can leave permanent scarring. They are not reachable by hands and can lead to damaged skin. .

Make an appointment to a dermatologist in order to treat the cystic acne and will be more effective without any side effects like scars or other skin deformities.


The whiteheads are very easy to get rid of using only your fingers. But this is wrong since you prolong the healing process and you should stop picking them no matter how tempting it is.

They keep bacteria in one place while the blemish heals. If you poke it or squeeze it, the contents which is bacteria, oil and skin cells will go everywhere on your skin.

If you pop it then more dangerous condition can happen since the bacteria can transfer more bacteria since the wound is open and exposed to your fingers. The result would be scarring or even worse acne.

You must leave them to heal by their own since it is the best way. Our body is prepared to deal with any kind of infection or damage.

No matter how tempting it looks like or hoe urging it is to use your hands remember that it can be worse. Therefore leave the body to do its job by repairing the skin from any ailment or use a gentle cleanser to remove this skin imperfections.

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