Get Rid of Foot Pain in Minutes With THESE 6 effective stretches

May 14, 2016

Your toes can not be separated from your heel bone; your heel bone is also related to your leg bone, and so on. That’s the reason why the pain in one bone is able to spread to other bones of the foot.

Get rid of foot pain in minutes with THESE 6 effective stretchesLeg pain has several factors such as athlete’s foot, bunions, heel spurs, arthritis, and ingrown toenail. Chinese reflexology believes that foot is what determines the health, leading to the development of many different detox footbaths.


Stretching leg is the first step that is recommended. Stretching the leg is not difficult to do, just need no more than 5 minutes.

The Toe Raise

Lift the toes and stand with them. Make sure your pinky toe ride in the same way, as high as your big toe. Perform this step five times

Toe Lifts

When you are still in Toe Raise, press your big toe toward the bottom and continue to press your pinky toe. Perform alternately 5 times for each foot.

Rock Out

Standing, rock your weight to the outside edges of your foot and try to lift your weight on the foot and stone so that you will be resting on the inner side of your foot. Train each side as much as 10 times.

Ankle Stretch

Place an exercise ball and loop it around a table leg. Hook your feet so that you make the balls of your feet resting on the band. The next step is to press the toes towards the bottom. You need to repeat this procedure 15 times.

Tennis Ball Rub

Stepping into a tennis ball along your feet gently. Do this for each leg and you need to make your toes directed at the knee. Raise your toes towards the bottom.

Toes and Fingers

Sitting with the position of your feet in front of you and point your toes up. Lean forward and lace your fingers with the other fingers, then pull them back. It is quite difficult but it can be learned.

Other Foot Tips


It is recommended for grounding your body, allowing you to completely eradicate your feet, improve balance, and also restore your mental state.

Walking barefoot on the outside

It gives many health benefits since this is a step for grounding. You have the toes to grip uneven surfaces.

Using Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are very useful in the process of detoxification foot. Soaking in salt is also capable of providing sufficient magnesium intake.

Choose the right shoes

Choose shoes that can prevent the full constriction of the fingers of your legs. You need also to facilitate your feet to breathe.

Go see a specialist

If you experience your foot pain keeps up; custom orthotics is something able to make your feet very comfortable.


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