Get Rid of Infections Easily

July 16, 2015

Many times we turn to antibiotics to help kill any infections.  However there are some really great natural remedies that work wonderfully and these should be tried first before using any antibiotics.

get Rid of Infections Easily

One of the best ways to get rid of an infection is to use the Master tonic recipe.  It is all natural and will help to kill many infections, as well as stubborn diseases and chronic conditions.  In this recipe you will find:

– Garlic– Garlic has great antibacterial properties and is a known popular natural antibiotic.  It will destroy both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.  It will kill the bad bacteria and essentially leave the good bacteria.  Plus it is an anti fungal .

– Onions– Onions are a diuretic, and have anti inflammation properties.  They have quercetin in them which will help prevent heart attacks.

– Horseradish– Horseradish will stimulate the immune system.  It is great for the lungs and the sinuses.  It can help to speed up metabolism as well.

– Ginger– Ginger is also great for the immune system.  It will help one with the chills, colds and fevers.  Those with high blood pressure know that this is good for them.

– Hot peppers– Hot peppers not only have warming properties, will improve the immune system and also act like a natural decongestant.

 Apple Cider vinegar– This should be used in raw and unfiltered form.  It is antibacterial as well as anti fungal.  It is great for the digestive tract, and is known as having anti inflammatory effects.

For the recipe, you will need the following that are all fresh and organic:

1.  1 part fresh grated horseradish root

2.  1 part fresh onion, chopped

3. 1 part fresh grated ginger root

4.  1 part fresh chopped hot peppers

5.  1 part fresh chopped garlic

6.  1 gallon organic apple cider vinegar

Fill a glass jar with equal parts of the chopped ingredients, filling about ¾ of the way full.  Cover the chopped ingredients with the ACV completely.  Shake well to mix, then store in a dark dry place.

Shake well once per day for 2 weeks.  Strain the mixture well and pour into amber bottles.

This mixture will be very spicy and powerful.  It does not have a pleasant taste.  However the many health benefits are amazing.  To improve your health, you should drink 1 to 2 ounces two or more times per day.  Just place in the mouth, gargle and then swallow.  Do not mix with water as it will not be as powerful.


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