Get Rid of Pain Using Banana Leaves

January 24, 2017

Serving food on a leaf is a tradition in many countries and that is probably not so familiar to us. In South India people serve food on banana leaves and they often do it at wedding ceremonies too. This is because of many reasons and the most important one if the health.

Other than that, they are very practical since you can dispose of the leaves right after that. The important thing to note here is that this type of eating and serving food can have medicinal properties specifically from the banana leaves.

The banana fruit is very healthy and it is mostly known for the high levels of potassium. Yet we throw away anything other than the fruit. That is a very common mistake because the peel of the banana fruit and even the leaves can offer you a lot of other benefits if you use them the right way.

The peel of the banana can serve as a teeth whitener, wart remover and a nice food ingredient. The stem is high in fiber and can be juice and added to smoothies or other recipe and that can stabilize the blood sugar levels which is excellent for people afflicted by diabetes.

Other Uses for Banana Leaf

  • Skin disorders like flaky scalp, itchy skin and sunburns can all be treated with banana leaves. Blend a bunch of banana leaves and apply that paste on any afflicted areas and you can do that on your hair too. Another alternative is to soak the leaves in cold water and apply them on the skin. That works well with sunburns.
  • Insect bites can be eliminated with the simple use of banana leaves. Blend them or soak them and you will have an effective treatment.
  • Fever is also one thing that can be treated with banana leaves. This time add some coconut oil on the forehead or neck and over them apply oaked banana leaves. Make sure that they are really clean to prevent irritations.
  • Wounds can take a longer time to heal and get infected during that period of time. Using banana leaves can be very simple and boost the healing process and prevent any bacteria from entering the wound. It can kill germs and bacteria and speed up the regenerating of the skin cells.

Source: stethnews

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