Get Rid Of all The Toxins in Your Body with This Recipe!

July 19, 2017

Extra accumulated toxins in the body can happen due to numerous reasons and we are the ones that have the power to prevent that and remedy that should it happen.

Doctor Victoria Semionova is a specialist in natural treatments and out of all the information she has she decided to share her recipe for cleaning the intestines.

The recipe is 100% natural with natural ingredients and if we use it regularly we may even prevent and treat cancer!


  • 500g carrots
  • 500g beetroots
  • Handful of dry apricots
  • Handful of raisins
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


For preparing this recipe you will need a quality enamel pot. Slice up the vegetables real nice and put the inside it. put water inside it just enough so that you have space of approximately 2 fingers above the veggies. Add in the raising and apricots and place this pot on the stove to cook until it boils. Once it does remove it from fire and let it cool down.

At the end when the mixture is cool add in the tablespoon of honey and cover the pot and leave it to sit for 12 hours or overnight. Strain the mixture well and keep the liquid and use the other parts for cooking or meal preps. Store both remaining parts in the fridge.


This recipe is enough for two days and for everything else you will need to prepare a fresh batch. You must consume half a glass, three times a day before every meal. Do this for a month and do it regularly in order for the results to come.

This remedy promises great results in cleansing the body and the organs and intestinal tract. This remedy can also prevent cancer and treat it should it happen.

Use organic ingredients for the best effects and results.

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