Get Rid of Various Toxins Out of Your Body by Doing Foot Detoxification!

May 10, 2016

Detoxification through your foot is highly recommended to cleanse the body of toxins without going on a strict diet. Furthermore, this method is seen as one of the safest methods of detoxification.

Get Rid of Various Toxins Out of Your Body by Doing Foot Detoxification!Procedure:
You can perform a variety of procedures (including spa detox, foot pads detox, ionic detox, etc), and only by doing one of them you can get rid of toxins naturally.

Foot pads detox
You can create your own foot pads of bamboo or wood. But to be more practical, you can buy it in many health food stores. It is also known as foot patches detox, has long been known in Japanese culture.

Application of foot pads detox, in many cases, only requires overnight to remove various toxins out of the body. You will find the dark pads as an indication of the accumulation of toxins that have been successfully removed out of the body.

Some testimonials state that this method can reduce joint pain, fatigue, and headache significantly.

Ionic foot bath detox

This is a method that uses an electrical process, which of course involves both types of ions (positive and negative). Done in warm salt water.

Ways of working:

It works by reversing the polarity many times through warm water ionization. This method is very effective to clean the toxins out of your feet. While your foot is bathing, the toxins are being released out of your body.

For information, you can accumulate toxins in the body through regular consumption of processed foods and saturated fats. You can also have other toxins from the air and when we are not exercising, air pollution could be more easily entering into our body.


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