Grape Honey for Body Recovery

September 30, 2013


The wine is unique gift of precious grapes

Grape Honey is totally natural product of purple-grapes, obtained the old-fashioned recipe-free of preservatives.
In some country is very well known energy source, with no official recipe moved from generation to generation.
We have found that the concentrate grape juice, is dating back from ancient times,
and now there is an addition in more country, in all wine regions in Italy,Macedonia,France,Greece and Turkey.

grape honey
Contemporary chefs from around the world began to experiment with this precious and traditional product,
which it is proven that it is not only tasty but also healthy and natural replacement for sugar.


Health benefits of Grape Honey

Concentrated grape juice, is a natural energy source rich in vitamins and minerals.
Can be obtained by the coagulation of squeezed grape juice.
Contains natural sugar-glucose, which is absorbed immediately into the blood, and then quickly and in whole body.
Grapes is a natural source of energy, a good laxative, so it regulates stomach and intestines and relieves them from cases of chronic constipation.
Grapes juice is refreshing juice for patients with fever. Stimulus for children.
Grapes is rich in bioflavonoids-antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals.
Helps the body in the fight against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
Therefore it is recommended to treat an infectious hepatitis, cirrhosis, depressions, heart failure, for anemia, to strengthen the immunity – so that the body is more resistant to disease.
It is enough volume of 30 – 50 ml. for the maintenance of immunity, and the amount of 100 ml. for recuperation and Recovery of the body.

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