Grapefruit for Weight Loss and Fighting Infections

October 24, 2016

You can buy grapefruit at any time of the year but you should know some little know facts about that. The truth is that the right season to eat this fruit is winter to early spring since this is the time when the grapefruit is at its highest and contains the most nutrients and has the best taste too.


The Latin word for this fruit is “Citrus Paradisi” which means a fruit from heaven. It is a citrus fruit and it resembles an orange but the grapefruit in fact is a mix and has different color on the inside.

According to that you can find white, pink and red grapefruit, while the outside can be yellow or a mix from yellow, red and orange.

From all these the pink and red grapefruit probably hold the most health benefits and beta carotene. They are packed with vitamin C, vitamin A and they can seriously strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy. Other than this they are packed with antioxidants which we all know are very good and essential to our body.

Eating a grapefruit daily and especially in the morning time can give you enough energy to kick start the day. That is due to the content of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid).

The grapefruit is also an excellent choice for people who want to lose weight. It has very little calories in fact half a grapefruit has less than 40 calories and can curb your cravings during the day.

Here are some facts and health benefits of grapefruit:

  • The strongest antioxidant is found in the pink and red grapefruit. It is called lycopene and it is the one that gives the reddish color.
  • All grapefruits have pectin that is a fiber that can be helpful in reducing the bad cholesterol.
  • The flavonoids in the grapefruit are very powerful antioxidants as well and can protect the body from infections, balance the cholesterol levels and even prevent cancer.
  • It is best to eat the whole grapefruit and not just the juice since there are many bioactive substances in the white pulp that can be beneficial to the body.

The grapefruit can enhance the effect of any medications you might be using in the moment. This interaction can differ so before eating this fruit and drinking medication consult a medical professional.

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