Green Tea Wrinkle Fighter Cream

December 9, 2014

Green Tea Wrinkle Fighter Cream

Green tea is a very powerful ingredient that helps to ward off wrinkles. It can be applied to the skin to help wrinkles stay away. Green tea has been said to help slow the signs of aging.

Green Tea

It is also excellent for those that have sun damaged skin. Green tea helps by reducing inflammation and quenching free radicals. Tea applied to the face can also help diminish the look of scars, as well as help draw out impurities from the skin. Green tea can also be very beneficial to acne.

Here is a recipe that calls for green tea that is all natural. This cream can be applied to the under eye region nightly before going to bed. Just cleanse the face as normal, allow face to dry and then apply the cream. A bit goes further than expected, so only use a small dab.

Ingredients need for Green Tea Wrinkle Fighter Cream:
• .5 ounces beeswax
• .6 ounces rose hip seed oil
• .6 ounces walnut oil
• .5 ounces Shea butter
• .5 ounces evening primrose oil
• .2 ounces liquid green tea extract
• .1 ml vitamin E

Weigh out the Shea butter and the beeswax with a digital scale. Melt in a double boiler then remove from heat. Weigh out the rose hip seed oil, the walnut oil, and the primrose oils. Then add into the melted beeswax mixture. Stir in the vitamin E, and then allow the cream to cool. It will then solidify.

This can be done at room temperature, but will be faster if it is popped into the refrigerator.
Next, once the cream has cooled and solidified, the green tea extract can be measured out and stirred into the cream. This cream will need to be stored in a cool, dry place, in a glass container.

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