The Groundbreaking Cancer Vaccine Discovery by Cuba Already Cured 100.000 People

June 27, 2017

We all know cancer as the deadliest disease but also the biggest industry that brings millions of dollars to the hospital, pharmaceutical corporations, retailers and doctors all over the world.

There was not one cure for cancer discovered yet even though many corporations have tried greatly. Even the smallest breakthrough is hidden from the public for the own financial and personal gain of the industries mentioned above.


There is new information that have shed some light on this topic and hope as well. Cuba is one country that has made a groundbreaking discovery and has found a vaccine that can treat lung cancer.

This vaccine was tested on many subjects and today, almost 100.000 people were cured from cancer without the harmful and conventional method of treating this disease like radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. The question is: If Cuba was able to do this discovery what can we expect from the pharmaceutical giants?

What Is Cancer and Causes

Cancer is a deadly disease that can affect different parts of the body. This disease is often influenced by genetics, poor choices, lifestyle and stress has shown to be one major factor for cancer to happen. This is a condition where the body cells multiply autonomously and they affect different parts of the body.

Cancer cells thrive in acidic environment and sugar in the body and they often thrive on stress. That is why it is extremely important to manage stress and take care of the body by making healthy choices.

How Does the CimaVax Vaccine Work?

CimaVax is the name of the cancer vaccine in question and it works by affecting a specific protein in the body that is known as an epidermal growth factor. This protein grows naturally in the body and sends signals to the cells to grow and divide.

Some types of cancer can make the body produce too much of this protein and divide the cells uncontrollably. The way the vaccine works is by stimulating the immune system and making I create antibodies that bind to this protein and stop the unusual process.

The vaccine should be taken and used by people who are already affected by cancer and not as a preventative measure. This vaccine will stop the cancer cells from spreading and metastasizing in other parts of the body. This vaccine can be used not just for lung cancer but other types of cancer as well.

This vaccine can be bought in Cuba, Bosna and Herzegovina, Peru, Paraguay and Colombia and there are many people who are already using this vaccine. The treatment lasts for about 8 months and it is best to start the treatment in the country of origin of the vaccine, Cuba. This vaccine has already saved the lives of many people and it is truly the most beneficial discovery there ever was. The price is very acceptable so that many people can cure themselves from this terrible disease.

How to Get This Vaccine

It is best that you start the treatment directly in Cuba as the experts there know best and them you can continue the treatment at your country. The first injection is in the hand and the others in the leg. The next intake can be performed at home. However, you can contact the experts in Cuba with the following information.

This vaccine is produced in Labiofam only and you can contact them on their e-mail address: Their telephone number is +53 683 3188 and the fax number is 683 2151. You can contact the radiologist Niudis Cruz at the number +537 6830924 and on the e-mail niudis.cruz@infomed.sld.

The Contacts for The National Center for Health

The director is Dr. Jose Andre Lopez and the number is +5378322202 and it is located at Havana, Cuba, Siboney. The Fax Number for the center is +53 733 371 98 or +53 733 7199.

Contacts in The Institute of Oncology

The address is Calle 29 esq, F.Vedado, Plaza de la Revolucion, Havana, Cuba and the telephone number is +537 8325 865, +537 838 2576, +537 838 2578, +537 837 5440 and the fax number is +537 838 2593. Their website is


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