You Can Grow Back Receding Gums Using These Home Remedies!

January 23, 2016

The receding gums caused by the gum tissue that starts to wear off. The receding gums means the gums have receded or move backwards. The receding gums make a large area of your tooth surface observable. The receding gums support the bacteria to grow on area between the teeth and gum line.

You Can Grow Back Receding Gums Using These Home Remedies!

The receding gums support your teeth root to be exposed, causing pain and increasing tooth sensitivity. In the end, you will get your supportive tissue damaged, even your teeth’s bone structures.

The Symptoms

The gum recession grows in a very low speed, we often don’t realize it until we get serious problem. You should check your teeth in a regular basis, even if you don’t have sensitive teeth. However, the sensitivity is one of the earliest signals of the receding gums.

You should have your teeth examined routinely; moreover if you find one or more teeth start appearing larger than before, you don’t need to wait as it’s a common symptom of receding gums. There are three common symptoms of receding gums:

  •  Tooth sensitivity
  •  Tooth ache
  •  The tooth appearing larger than before

The Causes

Generally, the causes of receding gums can be mentioned as follows:

  •  Gum diseases: Some gum diseases especially periodontal diseases will cause the damage of gum tissue and supportive bone. The damage will support the gum recession and bacterial growth at once.
  •  Poor oral hygiene: The poor oral hygiene will lead to the existence of such a hard substance located between the teeth, called “tartar”. The tartar will support the receding gums.
  •  Aggressive Brushing: The aggressive brushing can cause teeth’s enamel damage and support the gums to recede backwards.
  •  Heredity: Some receding gums cases caused by the heredity or genetics.
  •  Hormonal Changes: The hormonal changes increase what called the sensitivity and vulnerability of gums.
  •  Smoking: The smoking activity cause a lot of bad effects, one of them is related to receding gums. The smokers tend to experience sticky plaque among their teeth, and the plaque can cause the gum recession.
  •  Grinding/Clenching Teeth: The receding gums can occur if you misuse your teeth by grinding or clenching. The grinding or clenching will put the pressure to the gums, making them recede backwards.
  •  Lip/Tongue Piercing: The lip/tongue piercing can be the causes of gum recession. The jewelry worn could rub against the gums

Medically Treating Receding Gums

If you can notice the receding gums before you get serious problem, your dentist may be able to solve the problem using some methods, such as tooth scaling and root planning. You can get your tartar and plaque removed. If it’s too late, you can do a surgery to repair the damage caused by the receding gums. The surgery usually includes such steps like pocket depth reduction, soft tissue graft, and the regeneration of lost bone/tissue of gum and teeth.

If you don’t want to do the surgery, you can try the home remedies that will be explained in this article. But you still need to consult your doctor if you experience the infection during the home remedies are taking place. By doing some natural/home remedies you can repair your gums and avoid the further gum recession.

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