What Happens to Your Kidneys, Brain and Skin When You Put On Too Much Makeup

January 10, 2017

Makeup products are used widely today and according to statistics the makeup market has made a billion dollars profit over the many years. Experts predicts that this number will only grow in the next years and the profit will be even bigger.

We all notice how big and profitable this industry is and the number of beauty and cosmetic products is overwhelming.

People especially women use makeup daily and are probably not aware of the dangers that can come from that common use.

The Dangers from Makeup Products

All kinds of cosmetics products and makeup contain their share of chemicals that can be harmful for the skin and your general health. We absorb a lot of chemicals through the skin and this direct contact can have a huge effect. This contact can cause allergies, dry skin, peeling and flaking.

The effects go a long way after the layers of skin and penetrate our bodies through the skin pores. The chronic exposure of the ski to these chemicals makes the situation much worse. If you use make up daily you may be at a greater risk of getting some skin infections but if you use it moderately you may be at a very low risk of these chemicals infiltrating your body.

According to studies the Halloween make up the kids wear is toxic too and has already been banned.

Some of the harmful chemicals include:

  • Cadmium that is a blue-white metal that can cause kidney failure, bone disease and even cancer.
  • Toluene is a paint thinner and studies show that it can cause damage to the nervous system and thus lead to dementia or neurological disorders.
  • Parabens are widely used in a lot of cosmetic products and this substance can cause breast cancer.
  • Lead is a heavy metal and it is used in many foundations, lipstick, eye shadow and eyeliner. This is very dangerous and can enter the bloodstream easily and cause many complications including cancer.
  • Talc is a mineral powder that is used in pressed foundations and blushes. It contains asbestos and it is a potential carcinogen.

Source: theheartysoul

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