He Drank This Beverage Every Day And Lived 152 Years

September 29, 2015

An Englishman, Thomas Parr, regularly consume beverages that could make him live up to 152 years. This drink is made based on the recipe of Norway and is called “whey”. Whey can be consumed from infancy to old age as has similar composition as breast milk.

He Drank This Beverage Every Day And Lived 152 Years

Whey has a composition of 1% and 93% water. Whey also contains sodium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, vitamins, and other minerals. Whey is great if used in a diet program due to its low calorie content (26 calories per 100 grams of whey).

The liver plays an important role in the metabolism of the body, and the whey has a function as organs cleaner. Whey is highly recommended for consumption by patients with liver disease.

The content of beta-lactoglobulin owned by whey enables the availability of amino acids BCAA that serve to fight disease and prolong the life of patients with cirrhosis.

Whey contains alpha-lactalbumin and has a high proportion of the essential amino acid tryptophan. This amino acid can improve mood and regularity of sleep. Whey also has lizosom immunoglobulins that improve the hepatitis patient’s immune.

Lactoferrin, anti-inflammatory owned by whey is able to fight toxins and infections. This drink is also strongly recommended for patients with hepatitis C, chronic inflammation, cancer, thyroid disease, and Parkinson’s.

As has been described above, whey is very useful in the diet. This drink is able to provide extra energy and can replace the role of various energy drinks on the market. Whey contains some special protein types that are usually consumed by athletes. It is highly recommended to be consumed during the formation of the body.

Whey can improve neurological health by reducing blood pressure and glucose levels in the blood. Also contains lactic acid that can reduce the content of fungi and bacteria. Whey’s performance will be indispensable in curing constipation, bloating and chronic intestinal inflammation.

Based on holistic version, whey can be used to cure few health problems below:


Liver disease

Stomach ache

Immunity Disorders


Obesity due to stress

Chronic Fatigue


You can make your own whey by using raw milk. Whey can be made of usual organic foods purchased in traditional markets. Whey made of goat’s milk is better for consumption than what made of cow’s milk. Whey is a byproduct of cheese from 10 liters of milk; you can obtain 1 kilogram of cheese and 9 liters of whey.

How do we make our whey?

Simmer goat’s milk or cow’s milk in a panic. Add lemon juice and stir continuously. Once blended well, leave the solution to cool. You will find some sort of sludge green milk, whey. Save the whey in the fridge.

You are advised to drink 1.5 deciliters three times per day until your body is accustomed to receiving one liter per day. You may experience indigestion at the beginning of consumption. You can cope with a glass of water every time you drink whey.

Source: www.mrhealthylife.com

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