He Slept With a Red Onion Around His Neck:The Results Are Shocking

November 27, 2015

Did you know that onions not only purify the blood, but will also kill bacteria and help to clean the skin?  They can help improve the mood, lower the chances of certain cancers, and help to keep the hair healthy.

He Slept With a Red Onion Around His NeckThe Results Are Shocking

They are great for the body whether they are cooked or raw, but do know that raw onions have a higher level of organic sulfur compound, which has many benefits to the body.

Onions are great because they can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes.  They add extra flavor, without adding the fat, sodium,  and calories.  Onions can be sauteed, roasted, grilled, fried,  or caramelized.

They are perfect for topping sandwiches and burgers, or used in dips and salsa.   They make a great addition to salads, and go well with veggie tray.  They also compliment many sauces, adding a good flavor.

Red onions can be used for thyroid gland treatments.  Dr. Igor Knjazkinfrom has a very odd method to help with this.  Simply cut up a red onion at night so the juices are allowed to flow freely.  Take one half of the onion and massage the neck in slow circular motions.  Then leave the onion juice on the neck without washing it off and go to bed.

During the night, the onion juice will take effect on the thyroid.  The onion juice will support the thyroid gland function.  Before hopping into bed for the night, take a slice of the onion and place it in a sock, and put the sock on your foot.  The red onion will eliminate bacteria, clean the bloodstream, as well as clearing the skin.

Onion has many benefits.  Traditional medicine states that onions will purify the blood as well as the air,  and  also kill bacteria and pathogens.

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