Does Your Heel Hurt In The Morning Or Whenever You Stand Up? Here’s What You Need To Know

June 4, 2016

Are you familiar with the term used for the heel ligament? Well, you should definitely remember it, because it is related with foot health. This term is used for the part which links the heel with the front part of the foot, and it is also called ligament.

Does Your Heel Hurt In The Morning Or Whenever You Stand Up Here’s What You Need To Know

Over fifty percent of the people in America suffer from foot pain and the pain is most of the times linked with the heel ligament.

If you gained weight or move constantly, this may cause the condition mentioned before. It is also found on people who stand most of the time working, athletes, and pregnant women since the pressure on the legs and the feet is causing inflammation and great pain.

However, you should not panic since the condition can be treated and prevented in a very simple way.

You can treat it by stretching your tighten muscles with some effective exercises which can relax the muscles. To get rid of the worst situation possible try some of these exercises listed below:

Calf Stretches
If you stretch the calf you will ease the pain in your foot. All you need to do is extend your leg in a way as you would do lunge and stay in this position for thirty seconds. For more effective results repeat this three times on both legs.

Seated Exercises
Even more efficient exercises are the one in a seating position since it can release the symptoms and issues easily. According to Health line, the best exercises are the one listed down below:

  • Do the women posture by crossing your leg over the other one and then pull the big toe upwards and hold this position for fifteen to thirty seconds then release. You should repeat this three times and then do it on the other foot.
  • For this exercise all you will need is a towel which is folded serving as a strap for exercising. In order to stretch the foot, put the towel under the foot arch and pull upward. Repeat the exercise three times remaining in the same position for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • The next exercise needs a water bottle or something similar to it. Roll the bottle with your foot over and do this for about a minute then switch the foot.

These exercises can be useful for the plantar fascia condition as well, but here are some exercises that will prevent it:

Warm up
It is strongly advised that you should warm up before any kind of physical work or exercise. You must do it because it can prevent many injuries as a result of sudden movement causing unpleasant pain.

Exercise regularly
For preventing the plantar fascia condition you should maintain healthy weight and exercise on a regular basis. As you stretch your joints and muscles, you stop the ligament to tighten.

Ensure Proper Support
For the safeties position of your foot make sure you are wearing appropriate shoes. The support of the feet with appropriate shoes is of great importance. You should never wear a shoe that is too tight and badly constructed, nor you should go barefoot since you make pressure to your feet and heels.

Maintain a Healthy Weight
By controlling what you eat and whether you are gaining or losing weight you avoid extra pressure to the feet and therefore avoid the occurrence of the condition.

You should rest more often since the feet and heels bear all your weight by themselves and you should at least comfort them with a relaxing massage. Try to avoid repetitive movements and standing on them  for a long period of time.

With all this said, now everything is in your hands and you should take care of your feet. Change your lifestyle for better by just applying these exercise and healthy diet, and if a more serious problem occurs then consult a doctor.

Source: healthylivinghouse

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