Here’s How to Improve Brain Function With Taking of Coconut Oil

September 3, 2015

Today, there is MCTs or medium chain triglycerides found in the coconut oil become gain popularity as important substance in boosting cognitive performance for older adult suffering with memory disorder.

Here's How to Improve Brain Function With Taking of Coconut Oil

In 2004, a research has been showed that administration of MCTs or medium chain triglycerides as primary fat types found in the coconut oil and was published in the journal neurobiology of aging. It almost developed as cognitive alternative function for older adult from memory disorder.

The research involved twenty subject with mild cognitive impairment on separate days was given either placebo or emulsified MCTs.

This study observed a significant increasing of blood plasma level of the beta OHB or ketone body beta hydroxylutyrate after ninety minutes treatment and it depending on genotype of apoliprotein E of subject and beta OHB level was continued to increase 90-120 minutes blood level in the treatment.

The single dose of 40 ml or 2.7 tsp MCTs can cause improvement in cognitive performance immediately for older adult suffering from memory disorder. This is because in the unique metabolic often need of the brain in the MCTS configuration.

The primary fuel sources glucose for energy hungry of brain when sub optimal metabolism or hypo-metabolism and insulin resistance improved in the brain both for function and brain structure. The ketone provide more alternative fuel source (glucose) and recharge its metabolism process in the brain and result in almost cognitive function improvement immediately.

Where is the best way to get MCTs? The coconut oil is preferred source to take MCTs or medium chain triglycerides that contain of 2/3 rds MCTs. The coconut oil have broad spectrum for other health. Enjoy the delicious coconut milk with 25% fat and 66% MCTs.

It is always good to eat small amount of therapeutic foods. It is ideally never to use food as medicine approach after serious diseases.


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