Here’s How to Treat and Avoid Canker sores

October 26, 2015

If you suffer from canker sores, it is very painful and nasty mouth. Many people feel confuse canker sores with cold sores.

Here’s how to treat and avoid Canker sores

It is important to know that cold sores are contagious. Canker sores come from mouth on the inside lips and inner cheek wall.

Some of foods trigger to canker sores such as; salty, chocolate, acidic and spicy foods. These foods can make canker sores feel worse. You can use mouthwashes and toothpaste with sodium lauryl sulfate ingredients.

Some research show that canker sores tend to stick for one or 2 weeeks. For temporary treatment, you can use orajel oral counter pain relief with mild anesthetics benzocaine and advise agarwal. Some doctor might prescribe special mouth wash with dexamethasone that relieve inflammation and pain.

Some researcher said that lysine supplement can help in canker sores prevention. Lysine supplement can reduce and outbreak of cold sores as well.

It is recommended to think smart before choose any supplement regimen. It is very important to discuss with your own doctor to ensure that you will safe and free from negative impact.

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