Homemade Cream to Rejuvenate Your Facial Skin and Get Rid of Wrinkles! You Will Look 10 Years Younger Overnight! RECIPE

June 22, 2016

The aging process is inevitable and often we do not like the appearance of our skin since it becomes baggy and full with wrinkles.

Homemade Cream to Rejuvenate Your Facial Skin and Get Rid of Wrinkles! You Will Look 10 Years Younger Overnight! RECIPEWomen in every age want to stop this process in every possible way. They are worried for their beauty and many times spend enormous amount of money on brand cosmetics and treatments. But, the effect is always disappointing since they do not show the result you wish for.

In addition, skin wrinkles can appear as consequence of long exposure on sun, hormone changes, unhealthy way of living and usage of cosmetic products. Skin flexibility can be damaged by all these already mentioned factors.

Luckily for you, we found a recipe for homemade anti-wrinkle cream which is as effective as any expensive cream. No need of spending a fortune for different cosmetic products full with chemicals, just some natural ingredients and you skin will be smooth and soft.

If you want to look ten years younger and minimize the appearance of wrinkles once you wake up, follow the instructions below:


The facial mask made with natural ingredients is very effective because it consists antioxidants which go deep into the skin and moisturize it as well as protecting it from any damage that the free radical can cause. Another skin problem that this natural mask can eliminate are acne and the dark under-eye circles.


  • three tbs. rice
  • one tbs. organic milk
  • one tbs. organic honey
  • one cup water


The first thing you should do is to boil the rice. Put the three tablespoons of rice in a bowl and the cup of water into it. Then, boil the rice until it simmers and leave it for three minutes. Remove from heat, and let it cool down. After it is completely cooled keep it in a glass container. Mix the boiled rice with the one tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of warm milk and stir until the mixture get a paste texture.


You must use it on a clean face therefore, wash it with water before applying the mask. Once you put the mask on the face start a gentle massage in circular motions. Leave it for fifteen minutes to release the effective juice and rinse it with lukewarm water. You should use it once a week and the results will leave you speechless.

Source: naturalhealingmagazine

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