This Homemade Recipe Will Heal Painful Joints After The First Use

August 10, 2015

Joint pain is often felt in the elbows, knees, and shoulders.  It can be very painful and as we age, it can get worse.  But sometimes, those that are younger then this will also suffer from the pain.

This Homemade Recipe Will Heal Painful Joints After The First UseThere could be many reasons for this from fractures, trauma, too much work overload on the joints, and even arthritis.

But there is a recipe that one can make at home to help with this pain.  And the best part is, relief can be felt after just using it once.  It comes from Russian folklore medicine, and is made with simple ingredients.  The following ingredients are needed:

1.  1 tablespoon spicy mustard

2.  1 tablespoon water

3.  1 tablespoon fine salt

4.  1 tablespoon honey

Mix all the ingredients together until well combined.  Store in an empty container. To apply, just spread onto the joint that has pain.  Place a plastic bag over this and then secure with a scarf. Keep the area covered for 1.5 to 2 hours.  The best time to use this remedy is at night before bed so the joints can have some time to rest. After the time is up, just rinse off well.

This method can be used for several days in a row to bring relief. The mixture will keep for a few days as long as it is stored in the refrigerator.  Spicy mustard is the number one ingredient in this home remedy. It works well on joint pain, but can also be used to treat a variety of other conditions.

Did you know that you can place spicy mustard on a burn in a thick layer and the pain will stop?  Or that you can apply it to the temples when a headache has started to get rid of it?

Spicy mustard can also be use for a scratchy throat.  Simply just eat a teaspoon of the mustard to see the results.


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