Homemade Remedy That Restores Hair Back to Natural Color

February 12, 2015

Homemade Remedy That Restores Hair Back to Natural Color

Here is a homemade remedy that will restore hair back to it’s natural color, while also improving the skin. The drink has also been toted to improve eyesight, and also make hair thicker!

Homemade Remedy

The ingredients needed for this hair tonic are:

-7 ounces of flax seed oil,

-3 small cloves of garlic,

-2.2 pounds of organic honey, and

-4 lemons that are medium in size.

To prepare the natural tonic for the hair, one will need peel 2 of the lemons. Place the 2 peeled lemons, the 2 whole lemons with peels left on them, and the 3 garlic cloves into a blender. Blend these well, then add the honey and the flax seed oil. Blend well, then place the mixture into a glass bowl that had a tight fitting lid. Place the lidded bowl into the refrigerator.

One will eat one tablespoon of this mixture 30 minutes before consuming a meal. Eat three times daily, before meals, and use only a wooden spoon to take the magic drink out of the bowl.


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