Homemade Serum that Stimulates Hair Growth and Regeneration

September 17, 2015

The huge demand for coconut oil these days just doesn’t stop. However, it is fully justified because it is really universal and perfect product; it’s just never enough in your diet, cosmetics and household.

First, it is fantastic in the kitchen as one of the best and most stable fat for heat treatment. And the taste of virgin coconut oil in cooked dishes … Excellent and super healthy!

Homemade Serum that Stimulates Hair Growth and Regeneration

Recent studies have demonstrated the power of the coconut oil – within 48 hours of treatment, it methodically destroyed 93 percent of the cancer cells! How?

Coconut oil contains lauric acid (found in the mother’s milk), a component that creates extreme oxidative stress in these dangerous cells and makes them sensitive to oxidation.

Because of the fatty acids and medium-chain triglyceride, it accelerates the metabolism and miraculously helps for rapid weight loss.It is also essential natural product for beauty.


Coconut oil has a number of applications in cosmetics.It can be a basic ingredient in the making of your own tanning oil that will help you avoid harmful chemicals found in most commercial brands.

Feel free to use it every day, you can treat any part of the body or face, or even heels. It gives ingenious scent and complete hydration – plus it is not even dangerous to eat it…

Moreover, it is an excellent substitute for commercial toothpaste full with harmful fluorides.

It is known that coconut oil is one of the most powerful natural ingredients for hair care. It has antimicrobial and antioxidant effect, and the triglycerides it contains help in growing quality hair.

But this is not all, with coconut oil you can make effective hair growth stimulator, which is ideal for those who want their hair to grow faster, be stronger, especially for those with hair loss, low quality hair, dry hair etc.

All the ingredients found in the oil are known as agents for hair health. Together they make a great composition that you should certainly try, if you want longer and thicker hair.

Homemade stimulating hair serum


One tablespoon of organic cold-pressed olive oil

Two drops of tea tree oil

Two drops of essential rosemary oil

Half a cup of cold pressed virgin coconut oil



Melt the coconut oil, then remove it from the heat and add all mentioned ingredients. Stir until well combined. Then pour it into a glass jar and close.


This scalp stimulator is most effective if you apply it on a dry hair before washing. Coat the entire scalp with the mixture, cover your head with a bag or wrap it with cellophane and then wrap it in a warm towel. Keep it for about fifteen minutes and then wash your hair. Practice this twice a week.

If you want faster results, then you can apply hair stimulating serum every day or leave it on your hair through the night.

It takes only about 2 months for visible results!

The hair will be thicker, more flexible; it will not crack, and will become a shiny, healthy and silky! Plus, it will get a wonderful coconut smell.

Why is it so good?

Because of its unique structure, coconut oil penetrates deeply into the hair roots and leaves the hair intensely flexible, strong and hydrated. It also transmits the healing effects of the other components in the serum.

The tea tree oil is excellent against dandruff, and it also helps in scalp healing and has anti-itching effect. It is possible to feel coldness on the scalp after application.

Rosemary oil, on the other hand, strengthens the hair and stimulates overall hair growth. It is a popular ingredient for slowing down fast hair loss and growth of gray hair.

Heated rosemary oil in combination with olive oil is a common combination for hair strengthening.

Olive oil is also traditionally used for hair strengthening and for stimulating faster growth. It helps reduce hair loss caused by hormones, conditions and moisturizes the hair, and helps when the hair is exposed to aggressive chemicals.


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