Homemade Sports Drink

March 4, 2015

Homemade Sports Drink

When it comes to losing weight, exercise is only half of the solution. The body must be supported with a holistic diet to feel energized and stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is very important, as most commercials for sports drinks want you to believe that if a sports drink is not consumed during exercise, there would be severe dehydration issues.

Sports Drink

Electrolytes are found in sports drinks that are responsible for the composition of the blood. This mineral helps to regulate the hydration in the body, as well as the PH level. They keep the blood pressure in a healthy range, repair damaged tissues, and help maintain nerve and muscle functions.

The body would not be able to perform properly without electrolytes. The most common minerals are calcium, hydrogen carbonate, sodium, potassium, magnesium chloride, and hydrogen phosphate.

But have no fear, the body does not necessarily need these store bought sports drinks. The body can manage its own electrolytes. Below are 3 easy recipes to make to replace store bought sports drinks.

The Early Bird is filled with vitamin C and full of electrolytes that will help those that exercise in the morning. Combine half a cup of orange juice, one forth cup lemon juice, two tablespoons organic honey, two cups of water and one eighth teaspoon Himalayan Sea Salt . Blend well.

The Pick Me up is a great drink to have between your work out and your next tasks during the day.
In a blender, simply combine one forth cup each fresh squeezed lemon juice and lime juice, two cups water, two tablespoons organic honey and one eighth teaspoon Himalayan Sea Salt.

The Coconut Water Smoothie is perfect for those that love sweets. This drink will give energy without the caffeine. Simply combine three cups coconut water, one cup of ice, one cup water, one cup strawberries, one eighth teaspoon Himalayan Sea Salt, and two tablespoons organic honey. Blend well.


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