Honey Milk: A Natural Sleep Remedy That Will Put You to Sleep Fast!

June 29, 2016

You have problems with falling asleep? Keep calm since there are millions of people struggling with this condition. This means that over $63 billions are lost because of sleepless nights and not being able to work every year.

Honey Milk A Natural Sleep Remedy That Will Put You to Sleep Fast!

Many Americans fight against their insomnia by using many prescribed medications. But these drugs tend to be addictive and have long list of side effects such as constipation, dizziness, attention problems or heartburn.

Do not worry, since we got you covered. We found healthy and natural alternatives to the pharmaceutical ones.

All ingredients you can find in your kitchen and there you have, a natural recipe for good night of sleep and more productive morning.

Natural Sleep Aid Recipe

Ingredients needed:

  • one drop of vanilla extract
  • six ounces of organic, hormone free milk (almond milk)
  • one teaspoon of organic honey

Method of preparation:

For the sleeping remedy you will need a saucepan. Turn on the heat and put the milk in the saucepan, but do not allow the milk to boil. When the milk is warm enough, pour it in a glass and add the vanilla and honey. Mix it well and drink the elixir before you go to bed. There it is – your easy and simple to make sleeping aid.

How does it work?

These ingredients which are part of the magical drink are well known for their calming properties and can slow down the functions of the body. Read more about every ingredient individually, and take a look at the evidence which support the idea of making you sleepy.


A study made in 1991 showed the relaxing effect that the aroma of the vanilla has on our mind. The testing included 85 participants and MRI scans were conducted to show the effectiveness. These scans proved brain’s activity linked to reduced anxiety and relaxation.

Your insomnia will show more brain activity since, if you are not asleep you think of many things that happened during the day.

Vanilla is great for respiratory illnesses as well, like sleep apnea which can cause the insomnia.

The episodes of sleep apnea was low for 36% right after the first day of vanilla exposition of the participants, as French researchers claim.


The milk is rich in protein and contains an amino acid which is called tryptophan. By encouraging the production of melatonin and serotonin, this acid can make you sleepy and it has an effect of sedative.


This sweet and healthy ingredient can raise the quality of your rest, according to randomized, double-blind and side-effect controlled study.

The liver needs a compound called glycogen in order to perform its functions while you are resting, and the honey can help in the production of this compound. The quantity of glycogen in our body can decrease, and can wake up the brain while you are asleep.

You may not be aware of the reason of your wakening or why you are craving for food with glycogen late in the night.

Honey can provoke chemical reaction which can lead to releasing more melatonin, the sleeping hormone, and make you feel sleepy.

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