Hot Bath and Tea from YARROW

January 2, 2014

Hot Bath and Tea from YARROW

Yarrow is mentioned in different folk recipes as a remedy for many problems, but always as best herb plant for everywoman .

Tea made from yarrow is recommended for women who have a problem with the regular menstruation. Yarrow tea can be used for other different problems like hormonal disorders, menstrual cycle such as bleeding, pain and other problems in the stomach related to menstruation.


For leukorrhea and uterine prolapse you can combine yarrow baths and tea. Besides that  bath can be used for treatment against unpleasant itching of genital parts . Yarrow tea is also used against migraines, dizziness, nausea and frequentnosebleeds .

In addition to this yarrow has great effect on the bone marrow because it stimulates the regeneration of blood. Therefore, is recommended for people who suffer from diseases of the bone marrow and blood .

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Yarrow tea successfully helps at bleeding in the stomach, bloody hemorrhoids and heartburns . Yarrow is highly recommended against disturbances in blood and body fluid circulation, narrowing of blood vessels and angina pectoris.

 Tea is made from one tablespoon of fresh or dried yarrow and one cup of water . Itsbetter to drink sip by sip rather than all at once. You will not go wrong if you drink yarrow tea every day at longer intervals .


The bath is made from 3.5 oz of yarrow soaked in eight cups of cold water and left to stay like that overnight . Before making the bath, heat the yarrow liquid nearly to boiling point and mix it with clean water. It’s necessary that the water in your bathtub should be high enough to cover the kidneys. One bath should be no more than 20-25 minutes.

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