This Household Spice Kills Cancer Cells, Rebuilds the Gut and Stops Heart Attacks

June 28, 2016

I bet you did not know that there is a spice in every kitchen which can help in rebuilding the gut wall. Well, now you should since this spice not only rebuilds the gut wall, but it can provide many health benefits.

This Household Spice Kills Cancer Cells, Rebuilds the Gut and Stops Heart Attacks

Moreover, it can improve your digestion, prevent heart attack or destroy cancer cells and it can also help in the process of losing weight. So far, we think that your attention is focused on learning the name of this spice and to find out more about it, don’t you?

Here it is, the one and only spice – the cayenne. This plant is also known for its Latin name capsicum annuum and it is a hot fruit used many years before as a culinary spice. It is the most valuable medicinal herb because of the benefits mentioned before and it is more important than any other herb in the plant kingdom.

Cayenne has many vitamins and minerals that is why it is used many centuries ago as a remedy and culinary spice. It is rich in calcium, potassium, vitamins A, C and B complex.

As many studies show, this amazing herb can help in rebuilding the stomach tissue and it is excellent for peristalsis condition. In addition, it can function as a catalyst and can make the alternative treatments for cancer more efficient.

Cayenne is capable of warming up the body and can provoke mucus secretion from the respiratory canals. It can cause sweating which is another way of cleaning the sinuses. Cayenne can increase the blood circulation and in this way raises the body temperature.

This herb can has diaphoretic properties meaning it can induce sweating and can relieve the blockage of colds and sinusitis and it is able to reduce fever as well.

The active compound of the cayenne is capsaicin, firstly used by Dr. Sanjay K. Srivastava in 2004 as a remedy for pancreatic cells.  Dr. Sanjay together with its colleagues, found out that encourages apoptosis and stops the mitochondrial function in carcinogenic cells, and has not effect on the normal cell nor it makes any damage to them.

People find out about the results from the issue published in April 20, 2005 in Innovations Report. Dr.Srivastava said that the results show the anti-carcinogenic properties of the capsaicin, its ability to  urge the apoptosis in cancer cells and there is no side effect on any of the normal pancreatic cells. It can be a chemotherapeutic agent for the pancreatic cancer as well.

The research with the title “Hot Pepper Kills Prostate Cancer Cells” in study which was published in Reuters on March 16, 2006 promotes the opinion of Dr. Soren Lehmann. He states the capsaicin has anti-proliferative effect on the prostate cancer cells on humans. This component used more than eighty percents of the prostate cancer cells in mice to kill them in the apoptosis process.

Another research in Japan shows the effectiveness of the cayenne pepper in decreasing the growing of the prostate tumors and its use as an alternative treatment for this cancer precisely.

Now that you are convinced in the abilities of the cayenne to fight cancer, read more to find out how it manages to heal the venous structure and heart. It can nourish the heart in the most incredible way, and can stop the heart attack in just thirty seconds. This means that you should take it as an first aid cure, as a prevention.

Dr. John R. Christopher with his 35 years of experience says that not a single patient lost its life because of the secret ingredient he carried with him and that is a cayenne tea. If it is still breathing this can help the patient immediately you only need a cup of this tea which can be prepared with one teaspoon of cayenne and a cup of hot water.

There is yet another use of the cayenne and its effectiveness can treat obesity as well. During a trial, people who consumed ten grams of cayenne pepper together with their meals had reduced appetite.

Other results show that cayenne raises the metabolism of dietary fats. In addition, herbalists used the cayenne pepper as a cure of any kind of wound and they put it directly to stop the bleeding and to sterilize it.

Many of us have different kind of parasites in our systems. In order to clean the body from them we can consume a drink made with a quarter of teaspoon of cayenne and a glass of water. Mix the juice and drink it on daily basis.

Source: healthylife-online

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