How can we get our home-made penicillin Let’s check the following explanations!

April 1, 2016

In this article we will provide relevant information to the budget saving. Simple bread is one of simple household ingredients. What we will convey in this article is the fact that simple bread can produce penicillin. You should be aware that common disgusting green mold on the surface of the bread is Penicillium!

How can we get our home-made penicillin Let’s check the following explanations!

Penicillin was first discovered by Fleming. Around 1940 he began to produce pure made of bacteria cultures of Penicillium notatum and Penicillium chrysogenum. Through the process of biosynthesis, elements of fungal culture media were used as starting material (precursor) in the manufacture of penicillin.

Standardization is determined by measuring its potential, expressed in international units (IU, international units). 1 IU is the amount of activity of 0.6 g of salt penicillin-G in the form of microcrystal. One gram of crystalline penicillin-G is equivalent to 1667 Oxford Units.

It is useful to overcome the infection; unfortunately you have to spend quite a lot of money to buy penicillin in the market. Here are some tips to get from your own bread:

  • Place the bread in a bag
  • Allow to overgrown by spores
  • Cut the bread into small parts
  • Sprinkle some water to create humidity
  • Monitor growth of fungi
  • You will have green mold on the surface of the bread

Option A

The green color is a sign of penicillin. Take lumps of bread that have had green mold and add a cup of warm water and eat the mixture. You may get diarrhea however you can get penicillin useful to overcome the infection in your digestive tract.

Option B

Separate the green mold on bread and applied directly on the wound. We got this option from Egyptology where they (ancient Egyptians) apply honey to protect the wound from infection. However it is more effective than honey and by separating the green mold and applying it to the wound then you can prevent your wound develops into something worse.


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