How Chamomile Tea Can Slow Down Cancer Cells

October 8, 2015

Chamomile tea has been used for ages as a way to relieve stress. It can help individuals sleep as well as help with anxiety. But did you know that research has also shown that chamomile tea can also help to prevent cancer when drank on a regular basis?

How Chamomile Tea Can Slow Down Cancer Cells

Many types of tea have great health benefits but chamomile tea is very beneficial when it comes to not only preventing but fighting cancer as well.  Apigenin is the main active component in chamomile tea, which can be used to help stop the spread of cancer cells.  These cancer cells live longer than normal cells do, which is the main reason why cancer cells are able to spread and proliferate. The following studies show the effect of chamomile tea.

Study one was conducted by Ohio State University. This study found that apigenin causes cancer cells to die at the same rate that normal cells do.  Apigenin was also found to slow down the spread of breast cancer.  It was founded that chamomile also helps to slow down the production of many other types of cancers.

Study two was published in the Journal of European Health. This study found that drinking chamomile tea will help to ward off thyroid cancer.  The study shows that the longer one drink chamomile tea, the better the protection is.

The most vital key to preventing and fighting cancer is to reduce inflammation. While inflammation is a natural process, one can help to regulate it.  This is one of the most effective ways to control cancer.

Besides preventing and fighting cancer, chamomile tea can also:

1. help those that suffer from insomnia.  The tea has a calming effect which helps to promote better sleep.

2. Great for those with tired eyes.  Chamomile tea bags can be placed on closed eyes to help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

3. Wonderful for migraines and headaches.  Chamomile essential oil can be placed in the palm of the hands, rubbing the hands together. Cup the hands over the nose and take 4 to 6 deep breaths.

4. Make your blonde highlights come out. Simply place 6 teabags in a liter of water, and then steep.  Rinse the hair after shampooing with this concoction.  This is a gradual process so one will not see results overnight.



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