How to Avoid Anxiety and Headaches With Lavender Lemonade

November 10, 2015

Many people suffer from headaches and anxiety. I believe that lifestyle and life changing take role inhuman life and push people to this question what people have been doing as society repetitive for several years. You know that I am feeling there is something bigger and more than going to eating, making money, going to work and coming home. It could sound cliche but it was evident.

How to Avoid Anxiety and Headaches With Lavender Lemonade

There is something quite and right with people world and certain sense of freedom that calling people from deep within themselves. Not knowing what the feeling was exactly or what to do. People sometimes feel overwhelm and anxiety.

How do people deal with that things?

There is great number of actions that people can take to core issue which people can explore here.It is important to start and expand that feeling inside. Knowing things could be difficult and people world do not have to be that way it is. People get fed up with nine – five, feeling disconnect from others and feeling desire what people passionate and love about. People patience with avoid the things continuously.

It is time to explore. Other thing to inspire people to start and explore is letting them to know that you are not crazy and many people was feeling it. I want to share tips and simple news that aid us while people make long term adjustment.

Lavender lemonade

Lavender oil is incredible oil that used for people wellness and health. It was the gentle of essential oil and powerful that make favorite household to heal properties and lavender essential. Lavender oil is chemical structure with one hundred fifty constituent and explains the effectiveness in helping a lot of health ailment. The lavender oil possesses great anti inflammation, anti depressant, anti septic, anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti spasmodic, anti microbial, detoxifies, sedative property, analgesic and hypotensive. Some researcher from Florida found lavender oil benefits to eliminate anxiety and lowering pulse rate in stressful test. Lavender aromatherapy have been demonstrated and show to reduce pre surgery distress and become more relax that resting and massage. Lavender oil have medicinal property and work to eliminate or reduce depression, increase insomnia and labor pains. The anecdotal evidence suggest that lavender oil have great benefits for sinus, pain relief, hangover and headaches.

Many research of lavender oil have been focused on lavender administration and olfactory route. The anxiolytic of lavender olfaction have been showed small or medium size of clinic trial forty six – fifty three.

The efficiency of lavender aromatherapy due the psychological effects of fragrance combine with physiological effects of volatile oil in limbic system. This is calming effects and single constituent of lavender oil as origin traditional lavender. The lavender oil olfaction have been demonstrated effects to reduce anxiety as Hamilton measurement rating scale fifty one and improve mood score.

The following examples are clinical trial from lavender aromatherapy:

  • Dunn demonstrated and show anxiolytic activities of lavender oil aromatherapy in some patient in intensive care. The patient received one session of aromatherapy with one percent lavender essential oil.This significant anxiolytic effects is noted in first treatment though second and third treatment doesn’t appear as effective.
  • Alaoui ismaili found aromatherapy of lavender oil was considered by subject and correlated with auto nervous system.
  • Tysoe show and conducted the lavender essential oil in burner to increase mood and reduce stress in hospital. The significant number and amount of respondent up to eighty five percent believed that lavender aroma can improve their work environment.
  • Diego was demonstrated that people can receive lavender oil up to ten percent olfaction for three minutes and significantly get more relaxed and reduce anxiety score, increase mood and alpha power score on indicator of alertness or EEG. It is also can increase the mathematical calculation speed.
  • Lewith was investigated and demonstrated that the effects from lavender aromatherapy can decrease anxiety and mood in women patient with chronic hemodialysis. This effects of aromatherapy was measured by using Hamilton rating scale for HAMA anxiety and HAMD depression.
  • Lavender aromatherapy is significant to decrease men score HAMA and non-invasive for anxiety treatment in hemodialysis patients.Lavender aromatherapy with/without massage can reduce pain perception and need for anal-genetic in children and adult.

Lavender essential oil DIY – lavender lemonade


–  One cup of honey

–  Twelve cup of water

–  One drop of lavender essential oil

–  Six juiced and peeled lemon

–  Lavender sprig for garnish


–  Mix all ingredients, chill and add some water and honey. You can add lavender oil for headaches and anxiety

–  Mix five or six drop of lavender essential oil into bath water if you have dried skin

–  Diffuse ten up to twelve drops of lavender into air to reduce stress naturally

–  Add two drops of lavender per ounce in lightly scented, un-refined organic oil for body oil with all benefits of lavender oil to increase skin, mind relaxing and warding off from insect and help to sleep easier.


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