How to Cure Escherichia Coli

September 28, 2013

This is a old recipe for all kind of bacteria and specially cure for Escherichia coli.



-250grams root of parsley
-2 lemons
-200grams honey
-1 cup of olive oil

Escherichia Coli


Root of parsley should be washed and grind in a blender.
Also u can do with a lemon.
Can be mixed together and after that in the mixture u can added honey and olive oil and keep mix for next 5min.
Mixture can be stored in a glass jar – not in plastic!

Recommended dosage:

Every day before breakfast and dinner u can consume one big spoon for soup.
When u use all u can go and make some analysis to see if still have bacteria in your body.
Sometimes it take 2 dosage to clear your body from Escherichia coli or others bacteria.

Jon - August 25, 2014

Im confused. The recipe/mixture says parsley but it shows a picture of a parsnip? Do you use parsley or parsnip?

    secheal - August 27, 2014

    its parsley.

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