How to Determine Autism Kids Within Ten Minutes

December 2, 2015

There is healthy holistic life on the web to share with all people and audience. In this article, we will share about health advice from my friend as doctor health press.

How to Determine Autism Kids Within Ten Minutes

Nowadays, new research was published in the biology journal, sniff test and it used to diagnose all autism in early phase. Noam Sobel, as lead of research team from Weizmann Institute of Science told that the there is different way and method for autistic children respond to smell. For example, autism kids sniff odor the sma method whether their smell is bad or good.

For this research, Sobel and the team created air dilution olfactometer computer controlled and equipped with pediatric nasal cannula.

This health advice allows team to present kids with good odors shampoo and rose and unpleasant odor such as; rotten fish and sour milk. The research is able to determine sniff response with nasal air flow.

Sobel and his team discover kids without autism can just sniff responded in three hundred and five milliseconds and presented with odor, while autistic kids do not adjust sniff response at the same times.

The sniff test can help team or researcher to identify all kids with autism and which children do not response within ten minutes – with eighty one percent accuracy. Sobel and team believe that there is more method and comprehensive way of medical for autism testing.

It is important to know that autism become fast growing disorder in the United State and one children from sixty eight community have been diagnosed with autism. Major of them are male.

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