How to Discover the Causes of Lung Cancer? People Will not Believe When Know About This

November 30, 2015

Based on one study, people who living in the city or town or village have high risk of lung cancer development in comparison with people who living in the mountain.

How to Discover the Causes of Lung Cancer People Will not Believe When Know About This

Apart from genetic, working condition, workplace condition, smog and smoking, one of reason why people in certain place is susceptible to develop lung cancer from air circulation when they breathe.

It seem that there is difference between altitude when people live from above sea level. It is important to know that air in the lowland are thicker, rich of oxygen and poses threat to human body. In fact, oxygen is peculiar element and human use oxygen to turn and change food into energy.

However, an oxidation is one metabolic poses with free radical and highly carcinogenic. There is high re-active atom affect human organism and damage DNA and transform to human body cells which one of onset of cancer.

As lung is main breathing organ in the human body, lung is the first affected organ by oxidation and susceptible to develop cancer. However, if you want to lower risk of lung cancer, it is time to move or remove high altitude living area.

The best thing is living in the mountain because all air still thinner and lung will work effective and functionally. Based on American research, the lung cancer risk is decrease in every one thousand meter of altitude above sea level.

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