How to Kill Lung Harming Bugs That Are In Your Bed

November 28, 2015

Millions of bedbugs live on your bed, feeding on the dead skin cells that we have shed.  When you make your bed in the morning, this allows the bed bugs to get trapped in between the sheets so they feed more.

How to Kill Lung Harming Bugs That Are In Your Bed

However, when one lets a bed go unmade, the bed bugs are exposed to not only fresh air but sunlight, which will kill them off by dehydrating them.

Kingston University School of Architecture Dr. Steven Pretlove says that when the bed is made after immediately waking up, your body’s heat is trapped with your skin cells and sweat.  But leaving the bed unmade will deter the life of the mites and bed bugs by drying them out.

It is amazing to know that we often sweat up to one liter of sweat each night.  This is a great home for mites and bed bugs that thrive on this.  And it will amaze some to know that there could be as many as 1.5 million dust mites living on your bed.  This is the average number of bugs that are feeding each day on a person’s bed!

And what these mites leave behind is disturbing.  What they excrete can cause those with allergies and asthma to suffer.  However, aside from what was said above, Carolyn Forte from Good Housekeeping states that since dust mites are everywhere, it may not make a difference if one makes their bed or not.

She does feel that it is a wise move to leave the bed unmade for a period to help let the sheets dry out from the night’s sweating and skin cell shedding. She also says that it is a good idea to wash your sheets every one to two weeks, including the pillow cases.  Many experts have recommended just leaving the bed unmade all day to dry out and then making the bed at night.

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